FACILITY OWNER: Saint Maria Goretti Parish & Elementary

DATES OF ACTIVITY: Sept 11th - Nov. 13th

TYPE OF ACTIVITY: Mad City Summer Sports League

The ACTIVITY PARTICIPANT named below agrees to defend, protect indemnify and hold harmless the above named FACILITY OWNER against and from all claims arising from the negligence or fault of the ACTIVITY PARTICIPANT which arise out of the above named ACTIVITY.

Additionally, the ACTIVITY PARTICIPANT named below agrees to protect, defend, hold harmless and fully indemnify the above named FACILITY OWNER for any claim or cause of action whatsoever arising out of the above mentioned ACTIVITY which takes place during the above identified DATE(S) OF ACTIVITY that is brought against the FACILITY OWNER by the ACTIVITY PARTICIPANT or their family members whether such claim arises from the alleged negligence of the FACILITY OWNER, its employees or agents or ACTIVITY PARTICIPANT’S negligence.

In short, the ACTIVITY PARTICIPANT agrees that he/she is participating in this activity and using this facility at his/her own risk.

If any portion of this agreement is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance thereof, shall continue in full legal force and effect.


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