MCC Sports Rules - Volleyball

Fall Volleyball League Rules

  1. Rally scoring will be used. A point is awarded for every serve.
    • Point is awarded to a team when:
      • The ball touches in-bounds on the opposing team’s court.
      • The opposing team hits the ball out of bounds when returning the ball.
      • The opposing team touches the ball more than 3 times before returning the ball
      • A player on the opposing team touches the ball twice successively (with the exception of a block)
      • The opposing team blocks or spikes a serve.
  1. Matches consist of 3 games played to 21 points, win by 2 points
  2. Matches are capped at 50 minutes. If time becomes an issue, one or more games will be shortened to 15 minutes.
  3. The “Home Team” (team that wins a coin toss/rock-paper-scissors) may choose to serve or receive serve at the start of the game.
  4. The serve must be rotated through the line-up. All players must serve.
  5. Blocking or spiking a serve is not allowed. This will result in a point for the opposing team. Both blocking and spiking are allowed after the serve and during normal play.
  6. A ball that is served and touches the net but goes over is a live ball, and is playable in the same way a ball that is served and clears the net would be.
  7. Each team has three hits to return the ball to the opposing team’s court.
  8. Successive contact of the ball by a single player may only be made after blocking a spiked ball.
  9. Each team is allowed a single one-minute time-out per game.
  10. Using your foot to rebound the ball is allowed
  11. Penalties
    • Running into the net, running under the net, and touching the net are not allowed and should be avoided. However, because this is a recreational league, these are bound to happen with relatively high frequency. As such, unless the offense is egregious, it will not result in the loss of a point and play will continue. Whether or not a call is egregious will be at the referee’s discretion and the ref will have the final say.
      • Egregious will be defined as making a significant impact on the scoring play, as in the point would not have happened without this offense occurring, or is straight up bad, like embarrassingly so.
        • Example: A player goes up for a spike, on the swing down, their hand makes contact with the net, otherwise the ball goes over as normal. This would not be egregious. If the spiking player were to bring their forearm down on the net and push the net down a bit, that’d be egregious. If the spiking player jumps into the net, pushing it way forward, that’s egregious.
    • Lifts are not allowed (see this link for an overview of what a lift is)
  12. Balls hitting obstacles will be considered out on the team that last touched the ball. This applies to basketball hoops, walls, and similar items. You cannot play the ball off of these.
    • The ceiling will be treated slightly differently, if a player hits the ball and it makes contact with the ceiling and then lands on their opponent’s side of the net, it will be a dead ball and the opponent will receive a point. If it comes down on their side of the net, the ball is still live and may be played by the team.
  13. Back line rule:
    • If you’re in the back row you can’t block or spike/setter dump past that middle line of the court. Try to avoid going past it in general, but scoring moves are the main thing we’re trying to avoid here. If you cross the line a lot, it will be called and points could be granted to the other team based on the referee’s discretion